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Swift Communications >> Greeley Tribune
Internet and Newspaper advertising. Reach communities in Greeley, Colorado.
Internet and Newspaper advertising. Reach communities in Greeley, Colorado.

Publications - Greeley Tribune

The Greeley Tribune was founded in 1870 by Nathan C. Meeker, the man who had founded the city of Greeley itself just one year earlier. A newspaper reporter for the New York Tribune, Meeker worked for legendary editor Horace Greeley, who was famous for the phrase, “Go West, young man” — advice which Meeker enthusiastically followed. The Tribune is the biggest paper in Swift Communications and for years its outstanding local news coverage, design and advertising excellence have dominated the Colorado Press Association’s awards for journalistic achievement in its circulation class. As it gears up for its 140th anniversary, the Greeley Tribune remains a great newspaper in a great town, 50 miles north of Denver, at the hub of one of the country’s largest agricultural regions.


Publisher: Bart Smith
Editor: Randy Bangert
Advertising Director: Bryce Jacobson

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The Greeley Publishing Co.
Physical Address: 501 8th Ave.
Greeley, CO 80631

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1690
Greeley, CO 80632

Phone: (970) 352-0211

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